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Records Management Forms

ARM-01 Records Inventory Form (Word)

ARM-01 Records Inventory Form (PDF)

Instructions for ARM-01 (PDF)

State Records Center Transmittal Form (Fillable .pdf) - Complete this form to send records to the State Records Center or to transfer permanent paper records to the State Archives. 

State Records Center Transmittal Form Instructions (PDF)

Electronic Records Transmittal Form (PDF) - Complete this form to accompany the transfer of electronic records.

Information Leaflet #14, Storing Records at the State Records Center provides storage procedures.

On-line Request: Fill out a Reference Request Form on-line. You will receive electronic confirmation that your request was successfully submitted.

Mail or fax: Fill out a Reference request form (PDF) and mail it to 1942-A Laurel Street, Columbia, SC 29201 or fax it to (803) 898-9981

ARM-8A Microfilm Transmittal and Receipt

ARM-11 Report on Records Destroyed (Word) - Can be used with General Schedules and agency-specific schedules. 

ARM-11 Report on Records Destroyed (PDF)

Instructions for ARM-11

ARM-12 Microfilm Quality Certification for Records Disposition 

ARM-13 Authorization for Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored as Digital Images  (Word)

ARM-13 Authorization for Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored as Digital Images (PDF)

Information Leaflet #13 (PDF) provides requirements as to when records may be destroyed after imaging. 

Microfilm Certificates and Targets

Microfilm Lab Work Order

 *Unless otherwise noted, forms are in Word format.