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SHRAB Regrant Program

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Announcing Regrant Project Awards for 2022-2023

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) awarded to the SC SHRAB $80,000 to regrant to South Carolina’s local governments, historical records repositories, and professional organizations.  On September 1, 2022, the Board awarded the twelve projects listed below for the 2022-2023 grant cycle:

State Historical Records Advisory Board 2022-2023 Grant Awards

  1. Belton Area Museum Association

To digitize a collection of photographs and documents relating to the history of Belton, to include mill, railroad, and business records and to upload to a searchable database linked to the museum website.  The museum has pledged $1,911.60 in matching funds for an archivist salary and has pledged $1,000.00 in in-kind funds for a volunteer assistant.

  1. Charleston Library Society

To digitize, transcribe, and publish online, the manuscript, “Proceedings of the Clionian Debating Society, 1847-1851,” which was formed in 1847 by a group of free people of color in Antebellum-era Charleston with the goal to “promote their connection [to each other] and improve their intellect.”  The society has pledged $1,000.00 in matching funds for the purchase of archival software and salary project time fringe benefits.

  1. Cherokee Historical and Preservation Society

To preserve and make publicly accessible the George Earl Jefferies collection, which includes deeds, court records, birth and marriage records, church and cemetery records, and family histories of pre-Revolutionary War settlers of Cherokee County.   The society has pledged an in-kind match of $1,250.00 for volunteer project assistants. 

  1. Cultural and Heritage Commission of York County

To microfilm York County Court of Common Pleas Judgment Rolls (1840-1869) for preservation and permanent retention.    The Commission has pledged $9,230.00 in matching funds for vendor services and has pledged $2,544.00 in in-kind funds for project staff time.  

  1. Pendleton District Commission

To digitize, preserve, and make publicly accessible both online and in person, a collection of store ledgers and African American History files in the Hunter’s Store archives. The Commission has pledged $2,000.00 in matching funds for an archivist salary and has pledged $480.00 in in-kind funds for volunteer assistants.

  1. Piedmont Historical Preservation Society and Museum

To preserve, organize, and provide a finding aid for collections including, the Payne Family collection, the Don Roper collection, and the Piedmont Mill collection (1876-1980s).  The society has pledged $8,100.00 in in-kind funds for staff project time.

  1. South Carolina Historical Society

To offer free presentations throughout South Carolina discussing the donation process of materials to an institution as well as basic preservation of records.  The society has pledged $1,462.50 in in-kind funds for staff project time.  

  1. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church

To digitize two collections, Cemeteries and Parish Records; hold a public educational event contributing to the history of immigrant assimilation, race and class in Charleston; and update the church’s Disaster Preparedness Plan and create an Acquisition/Collection Policy.  The church has pledged $1,329.50 in in-kind funds for volunteer project assistants.  

  1. Summerville Museum and Research Center

To purchase archival supplies to house the collection, including hand drawn maps and photographs, focusing on the “Anderson Files,” and to provide public access to the collection.  The museum has pledged $600.00 in matching funds for archival supplies and shelving and has pledged $10,950.00 in in-kind funds for archival supplies and shelving and staff project time.  

  1. Town of Sullivan’s Island

To digitize and preserve Council Minutes from late 1800s/early 1900s.  The town has pledged $1,320.15 in in-kind funds for staff project time. 

  1. Upcountry History Museum

To purchase archival supplies to house the oversized and textile mill photographic collections, including early to mid-20th century maps and plats, and photographs of the Reeves Brothers collection, the Susan Ball collection, the Draper collection, and Her Majesty Industries collection and to improve public access of the collection.  The museum has pledged $916.60 in in-kind funds for staff project time.

  1. Winthrop University – Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections


To transcribe and provide historical context to a set of oral history interviews conducted by Dr. George Garrison , including discussions of Emmett Scott High School alumni and their experiences  during the Civil Rights era in Rock Hill, and to provide online access to these interviews through the Pettus Archives’ website.  The archives has pledged $ 58.00 in matching funds for the fringe benefits of a student assistant and has pledged $720.00 in in –kind funds for staff project time.


The 2022-2023 Regrant Program Guidelines included the following criteria that was used to guide the board in their selection and grant award process.

Funding Categories
Projects to improve an organization’s stewardship of South Carolina historical records and projects that provide useful education and training to those managing such records, from beginning/volunteer to advanced level.

Funding Priorities
The SC SHRAB has four basic regrant project funding priorities:

  • Preserving and enhancing online availability of South Carolina’s historical records
  • Increasing the public’s engagement with South Carolina’s historical records
  • Promoting best practices and institutional advancement of South Carolina’s repositories
  • Providing learning and development opportunities for the state’s professional archivists, volunteers, students and the public. 

Eligible Projects

  • Access-Arrangement and Description: Identifying, organizing, and improving access to historical records.
  • Preservation: Implementing solutions to the challenges of preserving records with permanent historical value
  • Program Enhancement: Activities to expand and/or strengthen programs in the state's historical records repositories and local governments
  • Archival Education and Training: Workshops, seminars, and other means of instruction and information on archives practices and policies

Detailed Regrant Guidelines are available at the following link:



Contact Erin Lowry, SHRAB Coordinator, at or 803-896-6128 with questions.