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To preserve and protect our records we enforce some limitations and restrictions:

  • the Department reserves the right to search any briefcases, knapsacks, books, papers or containers before they enter or leave the Center
  • all briefcases, book bags, portfolios, purses, fanny packs, computer bags, tote bags, backpacks, containers and wraps must be placed in the locker room located behind the Gift Shop near the Lobby
  • papers needed for research, pencils, ball point pens, and personal computers may be taken into the Research Room
  • cameras or other equipment may be used in the Research Room with permission
  • to protect records, microfilm copies are provided
  • manuscripts must be viewed at library tables and returned to the reference desk
  • manuscripts should never be written on, traced or open volumes stacked on top of one another
  • permission to access restricted records or to browse unsorted or unarranged material must be obtained from the Director of Reference Services
  • the Department reserves the right to decide if a document can be copied and the method used
  • food and beverages are allowed only in the patron lounge
  • no smoking is permitted in the Research Room
  • only authorized staff may enter the stacks

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Image of Patron Lockers