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Sources for Researching the American Revolution in South Carolina

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Mon, 08/26/2019

A Blog Post By Kathryn Slover

The South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH) holds a variety of sources for the American Revolution in the state.  The following are just a few of the resources that can assist researchers in their hunt for South Carolina history!

Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution in South Carolina, 1775-1856 (S108092)

This record consists of 11,170 files presented by citizens to the treasury in support of claims for military service, supplies, and other contributions rendered during the latter part of the Revolutionary War. Most of the files contain an auditor’s cover paper, which includes the name of claimant, a brief description of their service provided, and the amount of their claim and its adjusted value. Additionally, if an indent was issued, its number and the claimant’s signature verifying its receipt were also included as well as receipts and affidavits to the validity of the claim. However, not all indents survived. This series is available on microfilm in the search room, but the entire series has been digitized. To view the record series, please visit the Online Records Index. Once on the page click “Just take me to the search page”, choose the Series “S108092 (Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution)”, and then you can search by name within the series. When searching by name make sure you put “last name, first name” in the search bar.


ORI Image


Stub books for indented certificates issued in payment of Revolutionary War claims, 1779-1791 (S218110)

Interest bearing certificates called indents were issued in payment of the Audited Accounts. Stubs were kept which gave a summary of the information contained in the indent. This included the name of the receiver, the date the indent was issued, the amount of the principal and interest, and a description of the services rendered. There are published volumes of these books located in the SCDAH Research Room in addition to the original books.


Schedule of accounts passed, 1778-1780 (S126112)

The Auditor and Accountant General was instrumental in settling Revolutionary War accounts and claims. The schedule of accounts passed from the Auditor and Accountant General records can be useful because they can cover the period before the Audited Accounts. There is a card file index located in the SCDAH Research Room that can assist researchers in finding these records.

Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files (F602701)

The Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application files may contain affidavits testifying to the veteran's service or claimed disability, documentary evidence of service submitted by the applicant, printed briefs summarizing the claimed service, property schedules, certified copies from state officials verifying the applicant's service record and letters from attorneys, congressmen, and other interested parties relating to the progress of the application.

This series is available on microfilm produced by the National Archives in the SCDAH research room. In addition to being available on microfilm, these records are available through Fold3, a website that provides access to military records. Researchers can access Fold3 for free in the SCDAH research room.

Records of the South Carolina Commissioners of Forfeited Estates

South Carolina created a commission to confiscate and sell Loyalists estates. There are several series of records of the South Carolina Commissioners of Forfeited Estates including: Accounts, 1783-1794 (S126100), Papers Relating to Claims on Estates, 1782-1830 (S126101), Plats, 1782-1785 (S 126102), and Miscellaneous Papers on Forfeited Estates (S126170). The Plats from 1782-1785 (S126102) are indexed on the Online Records Index.


Plat of Forfeited Estates
This plat is a Forfeited Estate for John Rose For 5711 Acres On Coosawhatchie River And Bees Creek from 1782.


Other Records and Research Assistance

For individual soldiers, the SCDAH also holds a variety of papers, order books, and memoirs of commanding officers including Francis Marion, William Moultrie, and John Laurens. Some of this material is available on microfilm and some in published volumes. One of the best resources for researching individual South Carolina soldiers in the Revolution is Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, compiled by Bobby Gilmer Moss. This volume is available for use in the research room. In addition to primary source material, the SCDAH research room has a variety of books on South Carolina in the American Revolution. The complete guide for Sources for the American Revolution at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History is available online on the SCDAH website.

2019 American Revolution Symposium

Are you interested in learning more about South Carolina in the American Revolution? Be sure to check out the 2019 American Revolution Symposium hosted by the South Carolina Archives and History Foundation (SCAHF).

Program Overview

John Beakes:  Johann de Kalb, Major General in the Continental Army during the American War for Independence.

SC Department of Archives & History Staff: Share American Revolution era items from the Archives

Margaret “Peggy” Pickett: Rebecca Motte, A first person monologue of her American Revolution Experience

Keynote Speaker John Buchanan: Discusses his new book, The Road to Charleston: Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution

Dr. Jim Piecuch: British Commanders in SC,

John Allison: Finding Lost Revolutionary War Sites in South Carolina

Dr. Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy: The Men Who Lost America

For more info and registration visit the SCAHF website.