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Income-Producing Tax Credit Electronic Application Submittal

Electronic Application

NOTICE: The South Carolina SHPO will accept either hardcopy or electronic submissions through August 14, 2023. All electronic submissions must be on the application forms dated Rev. 6/2023. Application materials submitted on or after August 15, 2023 must be sent electronically and on the updated application forms dated Rev. 6/2023. After this date hard copy submissions will no longer be accepted.

The Historic Preservation Certification Application (HPCA) is a three-part application used to apply for certifications required for federal historic preservation tax incentives. No separate application is necessary to apply for the state income tax credit on income-producing projects – if the applicant is eligible for the federal credit then the applicant is eligible for the state credit. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) uses the HPCA to consult with applicants/project contacts and provide comments to the National Park Service (NPS). NPS uses the HPCA to certify whether a building is a “certified historic structure” and whether a rehabilitation meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and is consistent with the historic character of the building and, where applicable, with the district in which it is located. 

Applicants must complete the HPCA and submit the application to the SHPO via the ShareBase link below. Please visit the National Park Service’s website for the Historic Preservation Certification Application forms and instructions, including required file formats and naming conventions. Once you have accessed and completed the HPCA, return to this page for submittal. 

Once SHPO has completed its review and has forwarded the application to the National Park Service, applicants will receive an email from SHPO with review comments. Please check the NPS status of your application within 7 business days after receiving that email; if the “received” status on the NPS website is blank, please contact SHPO.

Requirements for Electronic Submittal

ATTENTION*****If any of the below items are not provided/not followed, SHPO will not accept or review the application materials.*****

The items below are required for all electronic submittals. If applications are incorrectly submitted, the applicant and project contact will be notified by SHPO staff and will need to resubmit corrected applications using the ShareBase link.  

  • All electronic application materials must be uploaded using the link provided below. No other forms of electronic submission will be accepted.
  • The SC SHPO transmittal log (DOC) must be included with each submittal. 
  • All files must be appropriately formatted and named according to NPS instructions. If you need assistance with creating PDFs for photographs, please see our basic tutorials for both Microsoft Word (PDF) and Google Docs (PDF)
  • Component parts of the application (e.g. application form, photo key, photos, plans, etc.) must be submitted as separate files.  

ShareBase Upload Link

Use the link below to upload your electronic application to the SHPO. You may upload files or zipped folders. ShareBase does not accept unzipped folders. Refer to the ShareBase Upload Instructions (PDF) for detailed guidance. You will not be able to access the application materials once they are uploaded. The applicant and/or project contact should retain a digital copy of all submitted materials.