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SHPO Preservation Hotlines

Preservation Hotlines

The State Historic Preservation Office has developed these short publications about common issues relating to preservation in South Carolina. These handouts answer frequently asked questions and have information on topics ranging from listing a property in the National Register to selecting consultants for preservation projects. 

The following Preservation Hotlines are available online in PDF format:

Hotline #1: How to Nominate a Property to the National Register

Hotline #2: National Register Listing/Local Designation

Hotline #3: Is There a Highway Project in Your Future?

Hotline #4: Preparing the Historic Resources Element of the Comprehensive Plan

Hotline #5: Protecting Historic Properties with Conservation Easements

Hotline #6: Frequently Asked Questions About Cemetery Preservation

Hotline #7: Grave Concerns: Protecting and Repairing Historic Cemeteries

Hotline #8: Tracing the History of Your Historic Building

Hotline #9: Selecting a Consultant for Cultural Resource Surveys and Evaluations

Hotline #10: Frequently Asked Questions about Local Historic Districts

Hotline #11: Tax Savings for Owners of Historic Buildings

Hotline #12: Archaeological Site Identification, Evaluation and Mitigation

Hotline #13: Researching a Mid-Century/Modern Property