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Records Center

State Records Center

The State Records Center (SRC) is a facility designed for the low-cost temporary storage and servicing of inactive records for state agencies pending their disposal or transfer to the South Carolina Archives and History Center for permanent retention. The State Records Center provides free retrieval of files with delivery to the immediate downtown Columbia area and free mailings of files outside the downtown area.  The State Records Center has the capacity to store 96,242 cubic feet of records. Each year the Records Center takes in 10,000-11,000 cubic feet of records, conducts 12,000 reference requests, and destroys 10,000-11,000 cubic feet of records.

SRC Storage Image

Services offered by the State Records Center to state agencies include:

  • Free Storage of inactive records until disposal
  • Free retrieval of files
  • Free mailings of files
  • Free disposal of records after meeting their retention
  • Free transfer of permanent records to the Archives

 The benefits of the State Records Center include:

  • High density, low cost storage
  • Standardized arrangement with efficient reference
  • Security
  • Captures historically valuable records