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Microfilm Services

The South Carolina Department of Archives and History operates a full service microfilm lab, including source document microfilming, microfilm processing and duplication, and security microfilm vault storage for permanent/historical state and local government records. The Department also provides microfilming guidance to state agencies and local governments through technical publications.

Source Document Microfilming concentrates on historically significant state and local government records, mostly those that are older and require preservation. These include records from the Department’s own holdings and those identified in South Carolina’s local governments. This microfilming is done with the Department’s own resources and with special appropriations. The Department also microfilms other records on a fee for service basis as time and other project commitments permit.

Microfilm Processing and Duplication is a fee-based service for South Carolina’s state agencies and local governments. The Microfilm Lab Work Order Form (DOC) is available online. A current price list is also available online. 

Security Microfilm Vault Storage is required by the Public Records Act and is provided free of charge to South Carolina state agencies and local governments for their permanent records (as determined by a records retention schedule). Properly processed original microfilm negatives are accepted by the Department and maintained in a climate-controlled environment.

Publications, in the form of Information Leaflets, provide guidance on a full range of microfilm concerns, from selecting records for microfilming and dealing with a vendor to selecting microfilm reading equipment and microfilm quality standards.

Microfilm Duplication is a fee-based service for private individuals and libraries.  Current prices are $60.00 for Silver Halide film and $40.00 for Diazo film.

For further information about the microfilm services offered by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, contact Bryan Collars, 803-896-4808.